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    Bible distribution in Africa presents a wide range of challenges. Poor infrasructure and very little law and order make it a dangerous and difficult task. The forces of evil are still strong in Africa but our missionaries are victorious with the help of God handing out free Bibles to thousands of hungry hearts.


    Transportation can never be taken for granted in Mozambique. Only one fifth of the roads in the entire country are paved, and the long, bone-jarring stretches of the secondary dirt roads can wreak havoc on vehicles and passengers alike. Delays and breakdowns are common and in most provinces, it is advised to travel only during daylight hours.

  • A Letter from Kenya

    My name is Phillip Mwangale from Kenya Nairobi a nurse by profession. Am doing research on the effects of christianity to healthcare system so I was searching on the internet on Christian sites, Suddenly I came  to your site it read “passport to heaven” at first I ignored the site and tried to close but instead I openned! I felt smething strong touching my heart, unable to breath then somebody wispered to my ear ‘read what you are seeing’  I looked around and for sure I was all alone!  I read while tears rolled down my face, lips shaking and my body filled with sweat . After i  read , I felted lighter and Joy  gribbed my heart. I knew for the fact that i was a new creature. Emmediately I told my supervisor Dr.Mubisi  who is saved of my encounter and he assured me that indeed I was now born again. I thank God because of this unique encounter and ask for your prayers as I walk towards perfection.

    Much regards.

    Phillip Mwangale- Kenya

    Welcome to Bicycles To Africa Project


    Transportation in Africa is an expensive luxury outside the reach of many. The Horse and Donkey still play a big part in transportation and a Bicycle is a much sought after item. Many Pastors told us that they can distribute Bibles to a greater degree if they just had a strong rugged Bicycle. Thus the Bicycles to Africa project was born. Bibles are given freely to anyone and every one who wants a Bible regardless of his denomination – even to those with no church affiliation. All Bibles are in the local languages of the local people, but also in French, Portuguese and English as these colonial languages are still very much in use in Africa. Examples of local languages are Swahili, Luganda, Tsonga, Zulu, Tswana, Xhoza, Malagasy and many more.

    Zimbabwe Bible Distribution


    Bibles to Africa currently distributes free Bibles to Zimbabwe Malawi, Zambia, Swaziland, Mozambique, Uganda, Cameroon  and Madagascar. All Bibles are in the languages of the population being served. The countries we currently supply are only a fraction of the countries crying out for Bibles. Every day we receive letters from all over Africa pleading for Bibles and we sadly have to tell them that we just do not have sufficient funds to service every request. We would like to expand to Kenya, Nigeria and Congo where there is a strong Muslim influence but need partners all over the world to help us raise funds and push back the tide. We are a totally non-denominational organization where we do not ask what church you belong to but simply will you support the distribution of Gods Word.

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