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Bibles to Africa supplies FREE bibles in local languages to peoples of Africa. Hungry hearts are crying out for the word of God. Many in Africa cannot afford a Bible or they simply cannot find one to buy in their own language. Africa is a wild untamed continent and you will not find a Christian Bookstore in every town and city. Shopping is done mainly at local markets where sellers display their wares on mats the ground or basic tables knocked together from various planks and wood. Do not expect to find a Bible in a local language at any one of these markets.

Bibles to Africa is trying to fill the need which is overwhelming. Thousands of Bibles are needed and we have the ability to get those Bibles into the hands of people. If you feel led by The Lord to help bring the light of His Gospel to a dark continent, then simply contact a Bibles to Africa representative in your country or donate on the DONATE page of this site.

Uganda Bibles to Africa

Most western Christians cannot fully understand the impact that a Bible makes in the lives of those who receive one and also the lives of those around them. The old lady on the left of this picture tells of a time when she was a young woman. A heavenly figure appeared to her in a vivid dream telling her that one day she will receive a book that will tell her how to receive everlasting life. She lived many years wondering when that book would appear and then one day recently she was given a Bible in her own local Luganda language. The minute she started reading the Bible she knew that this was the book that she was promised. Needless to say her joy was full and her heart overflowed so much that she had to stand up in front of her church gathering and tell of her account.

The mission for Bibles to Africa is to place millions of Bibles in local languages all over Africa so that the unadulterated word of God will become widespread in the lives of all the African People.

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