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You feel in your heart that you want to also help someone in Africa receive the unadulterated word of God. However you have absolutely no idea how to do it and who needs a Bible over there. OK, here’s the deal. You supply the $6.00 for a Bible and we do the rest for you FOR FREE.

Free Bibles to africa

We will have the Bible printed in Cape Town in the local language of the person in need. We have it shipped a 1000 miles up to the city of Nelspruit and placed in a warehouse from where it will go further at some designated time. We will arrange for workers to load it onto a 4X4 Land Rover and trailer and have a missionary take it hundreds, maybe thousands of miles along rugged roads to a remote village or city. There the Bible will be given to a Pastor who might load it onto a Bicycle and transport it further. The Bible ends up in the hands of someone who never owned a Bible in their life before. This Bible becomes the center of their life. The power in that Book changes their life and the lives of all around them. The Holy Spirit begins to speak and act in that situation improving their lives beyond your wildest dreams.

All that is done for you for free.

Some individuals may want to help with substantial funds but have doubts as to what will happen to the money. So many charity organizations have proved to have elements of fraud in them. It is no wonder that givers will have doubt when it comes to larger funding. We have the solution.

Large sums can be paid directly to the Bible Society of South Africa for the account of the Nelspruit missionaries. The funds are therefor available only for the printing and supply of Bibles. Please contact the USA office of Bibles to Africa who will facilitate the transaction. All large sums directly to the Bible Society will receive a USA tax deductible receipt. All donations will receive a tax deductible receipt from the Bibles to Africa Foundation. Bibles to Africa is a registered non-profit organization in the USA: GA Control # 0650141.

UPDATE: Bibles to Africa now also distributing Hindi Bibles
in Jagadhri, State of Haryana, INDIA.

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