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Mozambique Journey

June 7: At the wheel of the fully-loaded truck and trailer, we waved good-bye to Nelspruit, South Africa and we set out to deliver five tons of biblical materials to 420 church groups scattered throughout Mozambique. On this hazardous journey, a devoted pastor from Maputo agreed to accompany me. Fortunately for me, my travelling partner speaks seven of Mozambique’s eleven main dialects. In my past experiences, that’s an asset as precious as gold. Transportation can never be taken for granted in Mozambique. Only one fifth of the roads in the entire country are paved, and the long, bone-jarring stretches of the secondary dirt roads can wreak havoc on vehicles and passengers alike. Delays and breakdowns are common and in most provinces, it is advised to travel only during daylight hours. Knowing the rough terrain of Mozambique, both the Land-Cruiser and the trailer had received extra reinforcement to the chassis, the leaf springs, and the axles in order to better prepare to take the punches from the Mozambique roads. In prayer, we committed ourselves and the precious cargo of bibles and related supplies into His hands. After all, we are His servants doing His work. Mozambique. Filled with breath-taking views, Mozambique stretches along Africa’s beautiful eastern coastline for 2,500 kilometers between South Africa and Tanzania. Until 1975, it had remained a colony of Portugal for five centuries. The official language of the country is Portuguese and much of the culture still reflects a Portuguese heritage. Please join me as I journal-entry the events of our travels into Mozambique in a ministry to serve its local pastors and Christian communities with local language bibles and related supplies. Our intent is, and always will be, to support the Christian communities who thirst to know the truth and mercy of God in their lives. Many of these communities are very poor and live in very remote areas that are generally unobtainable by motorized vehicles. Our ministry is dedicated to purchasing and distributing full version bibles in local languages to the most remote Christian communities of Mozambique. This service cannot be done alone. As you read about how lives are touched and changed by this ministry, I pray that you will join us in our efforts to reach and support the most remote Christian communities in Mozambique.

June 9: The first delay occured 800 kilometers from departure point when the A-frame of the trailer buckled by at least six inches due to the extremely bad roads. We managed to straighten the frame by using the high-lift jack and by shifting some of the weight towards the back of the trailer. We were then able to travel another 80 kilometers to the town of Vilankulu and get an unprofessional, roadside mechanic to weld strips of metal to the frame. There was still so much road to cover. Ahead was Beira, Chimoio and Tete. To my dismay, we were a full 24 hours behind schedule already. I put that out of my mind. We were on a mission to reach the unreachable of Mozambique and we stayed optimistic about the challenge to get there.
June 13: On the road to Muturara, we began to talk about a local brother, Novais Panducane, that we had not been in contact with for some time. “What became of him?” we wondered. At that moment, to our utter amazement, we encountered Brother Novais as he was walking along the side of the road with his bicycle! He had been preaching all morning in a neighboring town and he was on his way home when our unexpected meeting took place. We can only give our Lord Jesus Christ all the honor, thanks and glory for bringing us into contact in such an unforeseeable way. After some time of fellowship, we supplied him with new bibles for his new community. Brother Novais took off on his bicycle with new excitement in his peddling. What an honor to be such a blessing to him and his community!

June 14: After plowing through the deep mud on the road leading down to the ferry that was to transport us across the Chire River, we learned that the ferry would be closed for another 2 days. Apparently, the ferry was awaiting specific parts for its repair. We tried to use another ferry, 60 kilometers downstream, but discovered that it has a line of waiting vehicles that would take a week to clear. So, we had to find a completely new alternative! In these parts of Africa, money talks! We had to get across! Soon, we establish an alternative plan to have the Chire ferry pulled manually across the river by ‘cable and hand’ for a few dollars. Fortunately, another vehichle arrived behind us who was willing to assume half the cost for our newly found alternative river crossing. Very quickly, the cable-pullers laborers were assembled and after much heaving & straining, the opposite bank is reached. After much negotiation, we were finally on the move again. But 15 kilometers down the road, new trouble strikes. We found that the right front leaf spring of the trailer had torn loose from the chassis and needs immediate repair. Driving slowly, we managed to find a roadside welder to perform a temporary unprofessional repair service. But this delay forced us to spend the night in Morrumbala instead of Mocuba. That put us 200 kilometers behind schedule. That evening, at dinner in a local restaurant, a man approached us and introduced himself as Eduardo Mocuchu. He had heard that we were handing out bibles and said that he was a leader of a local Christian group with only ONE bible to share among 50 people. Suddenly, I realized this delay had become an opportunity to serve a newly established church. We blessed Brother Mocuchu with enough bibles in their local dialect to serve his entire congregation by morning’s light. As the sun began to rise, we thanked our new friends for their hospitality and we pressed on to Morrumbala.

June 16: The road that leads northeast from Mocuba up to Nampula is a 400-kilometer stretch of inhospitable terrain. That road is desolate and filled with forgotten land-mines buried out of sight during the rebel fighting prior to 1992. On one particularly bone-jarring stretch of corduroy-like roadway, we realize that the trailer has become detached from the Land Cruiser! Oh no! It appeared as if we were in serious trouble. But, when we went back to find the trailer, we saw that it had come to rest on a small sand bank without sustaining any damages to its frame nor any damages to the cargo within. The two steel bolts, which held the tow hitch to the truck, had completely severed. We knew that this incident was nothing short of a miracle! “Thank you, Lord” we shouted. We re-attached the trailer with spare bolts. And, praising the Lord for his faithfulness, we were soon on our way again. Determined, we were going to reach Nampula, a place know as the the “Sodom and Gomorrah of Mozambique”. It dawned on us that Satan was attempting to foil our every attempt to reach Nampula so that the Words of Life could be brought into that sinful land. But we refused to be swayed. We drove on with fervent determination!

June 18-20: At each of the 13 major stops that we made during this particular journey, ample numbers of bibles were left with a local pastor so that he could distibute them to the smaller assemblies. This has proven to be a very successful method of distribution. The Lord has chosen and placed wonderful pastors, such as Brother Tennessee Zacodocodo, Brother Matues Mavula, Brother Inacia Mutiba, Brother Alberto Manguende, and Brother Joaquim Antonio Daussi, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this desperately needy part of their beautiful country. We receive 99% support from all the pastors in Mozambique and we are honored to support their local communities with bibles.
June 21-25: On our home-bound route, we stopped at Blantyre, Malawi to drop off 25 boxes of bibles for local workers who had started serving a great new need in the area. It is an honor to serve such a community that is hungry for the knowledge of God’s goodness, grace and salvation. And, after a perilous journey, we arrived back in Nelspruit. Amazing! Five tons of bibles had gloriously and miraculously reached the children of God in Mozambique all by the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our service is to Him alone.

Click here to see pictures of Bible Distribution. “And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.” Acts 2:47

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