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CAMAROON Hospital Distribution

    This need has been met by grateful contributions: Funds donated by: WEST HILLS CHURCH, OMAHA, Jane Laeck, Ilene Howtaris,Jessica Schaeppner,Sherry Vallier Heldt,Marti Blaes, Pennea Paul Aschenbrenner,Kathy Cordes, Oeg Sculey, Happy 50th Birthday Ilene.  Also  funding contributions from  Thalitha Jayewardene, Las Vegas NV and Rick and Connie Miller, Edmond OK. Subject: APPLICATION FOR BIBLES FOR PASTORAL CARE PROJECT ASSISTANCE FOR 2013 3A HOSPITAL CHAPEL FELLOWSHIP MAMFE , REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON3A WE ARE SEEKING FUNDS FOR BIBLES FOR PASTORAL CARE PROJECT ASSISTANCE FOR 2014 Objective: To evangelize and provide pastoral care to patients and health care providers through pastoral visits, pastoral counseling bible studies and the placing of bibles and Christian literature on every hospital bed and desk.3A1 Persons responsible: hospital chaplains and evangelists3A2 Pastoral Resources needed from Bibles to Africa 1- tracts, Christian literature and chaplaincy training materials 2- Bibles Expected Donor: Support via Bibles to Africa Target group: 234 patients and 50 health care providers patients come and go on a daily basis – We need Bibles to give to each patient to read while in hospital and when back home. Contact person: Rev.Abang Anthony Ashu, DIRECTOR OF PASTORAL CARE, 3A HOSPITAL CHAPEL FELLOWSHIP P.O.BOX 52, MAMFE, SOUTH WEST REGION, REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON Thanks for your concern to be of assistance to 3A HOSPITAL CHAPEL FELLOWSHIP’S BIBLES DISTRIBUTION. Attached are pictures of myself, nurses reading Bibles which we distributed in hospitals. Your assistance will be a blessing to patients and nurses. Thanks Rev Abang Anthony Pictures of Cameroon, Bible Distribution July 2014: 1) Bibles handed out free to Church members  who could never afford to buy one. 3abiblestudy2) Hospital Bible distribution at New Life Hospital, Mamfe, Cameroon 3) Bible distribution at Urban Integrated Health Center, Mamfe, Cameroon. 4) Some Nurses received new Bibles and love to study it when they have a quiet moment. church biblegoupbible -maternity biblenurses withbibles3a hospital bible study

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