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Bicycles to Africa

Bicycles for Africa: A Great Success!

This project came to a close in December of 2004. Some 100 donor bicycles, at a total of approx. US$20,000 eventually found their way into all parts of Mozambique to the delight of the recipient workers. Twenty-nine donors from Spain, South Africa, Canada, and the USA rallied in support of this project, nine donors of which were Sunday school children.

Here we see from left to right, Sister Bambo, Pastor Bambo and Brother Alfred Saulane, eagerly holding onto their Maputo Mozambique bicycle allocation.

Below is a batch of sturdy African bicycles waiting to be put into the field. These bicycles are used to transport Pastors and bibles. They serve as a cheap form of transport and are built for the rugged terrain.

Below is a picture of a local distribution center in Maputo Mozambique run by Pastor Fernando Mambo. From here, bibles and Christian literature go out far and wide.

In the picture below, the mountain people of Ingwavuma Swaziland receive their first bicycle. Here Pastor Jethro Mngomezulu triumphantly sits on his “steel bronco” surrounded by the local believers, giving thanks for all to witness. He has never owned anything on wheels in his life before.

In the picture below, one can see a typical village church and congregation in Mozambique where the only form of transport is a bicycle.

In the photograph below are the Sunday School Children of Christian Fellowship Mission, of Rexmont, Pennsylvania. These wonderful little people contributed towards the Bicycles for Africa project and have already collected enough for 40 new Bibles in African languages.

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