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I am a full time (non denominational) Missionary and have been working for the past 16 years in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga Provinces of South Africa, Lesotho , Swaziland and Mozambique. We assist, with no strings attached, approximately 900 sovereign-autonomous Christian assemblies in the above mentioned parts of Africa; with donor sermons translated into 56 world languages on MP3 format, MP3 players, solar paneled equipment to fire MP3 players where there is no electricity, bicycles, vehicles, food to the poor, good 2nd hand clothing etc. and last but not least Bibles in local native lanuages.

The Bicycle project, the Tent project, the Food project, the 2nd Clothing project, the Vehicle project etc etc, are financed by other private missionary minded individuals and institutions word wide, in addition to our own tithing; which projects we regard as supplementary to our major BIBLE DONOR efforts into this part of the world.

Donations are used to buy bibles, which I then personally hand out to people who are in need. In the past, I used local Pastors to help distribute Bibles. But I have stopped with this practice as I found some of our bibles being sold in various market places. I now do the distribution on a personal one to one basis. At times and as the Holy spirit leads, I still hand out (for example) a box of 20 Bibles to absolutely accredited persons.

Chichewa Bibles to MalawiFor example, I have contact with a Malawian Christian Brother John, who works in the Nyassaland bush (which area straddles Malawi and Northern Mozambique), who will be receiving a couple of boxes of Bibles in the Chichewa language on my next trip into that part of Africa; which Brother in Christ, will also be getting 8 new bicycles donated by a Christian Brother Sanger from Pennsylvania in the USA. We have recently donated a Jurgens XL 140 off road trailer, a gazebo tent and a large tent which can house 300 people, to this precious 11th hour worker, who has baptized thousands of new converts to Christ in that part of Africa.

Bibles to Africa warehouseShould any donor wish to donate a large sum of money to the ‘Bibles to Africa’ project, then I would insist (for transparency reasons) that those funds go directly to the Cape Town Bible Society, whereupon we then simply place an order for needed Bibles, and the Bible Society then delivers the Bibles to our Nelspruit warehouse where we will stock them free from any charges. — In this way, we stimulate ‘trust’ with such donors and I supply follow up photos as and when we distribute.

All our monthly financials here in South Africa are audited by a registered Chartered Accountant (Pastor Barrie Bonamour), who reports monthly and submits annual financial statements to us, as well as to the applicable South African Government Departments. — To date, we have had an impeccable record with the Government, who do not interfere with what we do as CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY DISTRIBUTORS. That is, as long as we remain open and transparent as Christians; declaring all our donor income-expenses, to serve the general public of this sub-continent of Africa.

I have three vehicles (including a 4.2 Toyota Land Cruiser) at my disposal with five trailers ranging from one ton up to five tons carrying capacity. And I operate from a rented warehouse facility in Nelspruit, South Africa.

As a matter of interest, I have already “used up” a British TD5 Land Rover and a 4.2 Toyota Land Cruiser pick-up, since having started with mission work into this part of Africa . The present 4.2 Land Cruiser station wagon, is our latest acquisition (also a donation) from the USA . — A Ford double-cab-pick up and a Toyota Hi Lux pick-up are the other two vehicles which are used by my local African colleagues, in our quest to find that last Christian soul.

I am presently planning missionary trips into Lesotho , Swaziland and Northern Mozambique this year (2012). — Just waiting for the wet season to abate, before I will be leaving (God willing and God tarrying).

God bless all of you Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Because of the utter lack of Christian Bookstores in Mozambique Bibles to Africa located enough funds to buy a store in the town of Nampula situated on the strategic north south road between the main cities of Maputo and Beira. The Bookstore is named after Bibles to Africa as you can see on the new signboard ordered for the shop.

Mozambique christian book storeThe Bookstore sells Bibles for whatever a customer can afford and will be given away for free if they have absolutely no money. Our faithful Mozambiquan brother in the picture below tends to the store every day. This bookshop is like an oasis in the desert but performs a vital function in this area. Travelers going north or south will often stop by to pick up Bibles in local languages for friends and family in other parts of the country and the little bookstore has become quite famous in that part of the world.

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