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Uganda is a country with an infamous past. Today however, evil regimes have been replaced by a God fearing government who encourage the spreading of Gods word among the people. Bibles to Africa is happy to be able to work with Pastor Joseph Mugeni of Bugiri city near the border of Kenya. Pastor Joseph distributes the Bible in Luganda and Swahili languages to anyone who wants one for free. Bibles are printed in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda and shipped to Bugiri for distribution. the need in Uganda is tremendous as there is a revival of Gods work in that country at this time and millions of people would love to receive a Bible in their own local language. Only funds limit our ability to be obedient to Gods great Commission: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” How can disciples reach their full potential without the unadulterated word of God in their hands? BELOW IS A GROUP OF PEOPLE IN BUGIRI SHOWING THEIR NEW LUGANDA LANGUAGE BIBLES  THE RUGGED CHURCH BELOW IS THE CENTER FOR DISTRIBUTION OF HUNDREDS OF BIBLES IN THAT REGION OF UGANDA.Bibles by handBibles are transported by hand, by truck and by Bicycle. They are received by eager hands and hungry hearts.Bibles by truckGot BiblesBugiri is located 166 kilometres (103 miles), by road, east of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Below is a picture of a Bugiri Church service where the people now follow the preaching of Gods word in their own Bibles and their own language.Inside Uganda churchBELOW IS A TESTIMONY SENT IN TO BIBLES TO AFRICA BY Pastor Joseph Mugeni: Drear Brother Maurice, I am bring to a live story of one Moslem lady whom the Lord touched after reading the bible we gave her. I am called Jamawa Naigaga, aged 43 years a resident of Busowa Town Board in Bugiri District. I am a mother of 4 children 3 male and one female. I was born by Hajji Makanika Ibrahim of Luuka Iganga. I was married to Siraji Kasim of Nakawa in Busowa but my husband is dead. I received a copy of the Luganda bible from Pastor Mugeni Joseph. I kept the bible in my case for long without reading it. I knew it was not improtant for me to read the bible since i was a Moslem. One morning it was 5th June 2012 when some thing in me told me to open the bible, when i opened the bible tears started rolling down my chick, i droped it down but something told me to pick it and continue reading, somebody i do not know opened for me the book of Psalms 51 and told me to continue reading on and on. I was alone in the room but i felt that there was somebody around me. After reading psalms 51 the voice told me that my daughter the book you are holding is a holy book. I started crying and eventually a vision doped over me and i saw all what i did in the name of my religion and God told me to repent and turn back to God. He told me that the only true religion is that religion which read the bible and follow it. My two children had been deformed for some good years the voice told me to read mark chapter 16 which i read and he told me that now lay your hands on your children and command the devil to go and he will go. I did as the voice told me and truly my children instantly were made whole. The voice told me to go before the pastor and i profess Christianity and then be baptised in water. I met pastor Joseph next day on 6th and told him about all what happened and he told me that the Lord had told him to give me the bible. I have made a Promise to the Lord that i will serve him and will continue telling my relatives who are Moslem to join Christianity. I am happy i have now Jesus who i used to abuse. He is a wonderful God to me. I also thank God for Pastor Joseph for giving me the bible because its through the bible that I have Jesus now. I thank God that even all my children have accepted Jesus and they are now Born Agains. Jamawa Naigaga Brother Maurice the bibles have Cause alot of impact in many homes, God is now visible to many. As i told you we have an outbust of new converts in most of our churches where the bibles have reached. May God bless you for that wonderful work. Pleas also find attached the photo of the dear ex moslim sister.(thumbnail above) Below Notice the halo on the center girls head. This is NOT a photoshop job.Here is another testimony out of Bugiri , Uganda. (Paraphrased from verbal testimony) My name is Hannah, I am 63 years old and Pastor Joseph is my Pastor. I go to his church for many years but I have never owned a Bible because my English is not so good for reading in that Language.  I want to tell the story of what happened to me. When I was a young girl of 18 years old, I was not a Christian, but one night a bright light appeared in my room and someone, at that time I did not know who it was, maybe an Angel, or God himself was there. I was very afraid but the voice said do not be afraid I come to tell you of a Book of life that will be given to you. In there are all the things I need to know to give me everlasting life and then he went away. I was shaking and I hid under my blankets all night long. For many years I had a memory of that night but I never told anyone as they would think I was possessed by evil spirits. In Africa if people think you have an evil spirit they will shun you, so I said nothing, but I was waiting for my book that was promised to me. No book came, and as I got older I started to forget about that angel coming to me in my room. Then one day at the age of 63 Pastor Joseph came to me and said God had told him to give me this book. It was a Bible in the Luganda language. That was when it suddenly struck me like a thunder bolt. This is the book which I was promised so many years ago. Tears streamed down my face as I thanked him, I had never had a Bible of my own in my whole life, and now after all this time I had the book that I had been promised so many years ago.

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