Bibles To Africa

South Africa

South Africa is the most southern country in Africa and Cape Town the most southern city. The Bible Society of South Africa is located in Cape Town and prints Bibles in many languages for inside and outside the country. Bibles to Africa sources their Bibles from Cape Town and has them shipped up to Nelspruit, a city substantially north in the Mpumalanga Province, near the border of Mozambique. You can see it on the map in the green section. This city is close to the border with Mozambique, Zimbabwe and a number of other African countries that you can also see on the map.

Bibles to Africa warehouseOur Missionaries are resident in Nelspruit and have a warehouse there which is funded by church groups mainly from USA. They allow the warehousing of Bibles for free.This way Bibles to Africa can save substantially on costs and concentrate on buying Bibles for distribution. The Bibles are handed out free of charge. There is a unlimited demand for Bibles and because of the lack of sufficient funds we have to concentrate only on certain countries close to the borders of South Africa. Needless to say we will gladly expand our horizons if only we had sufficient funds.

It could be that we simply do not have the ability to reach many donars but we pray that the Holy Spirit will assist us and call those who are designated to serve God with finances to contact us and supply what we need for a greater number of Bibles and a larger variety of languages and countries.

Below you will see a picture of our resident Missionary Hennie Van der Merwe together with his family and supporters. It is their pleasure and dedication to serving Gods work that makes this project possible. They ask for no financial reward and no administration fees at all. They ask only that you support their work by supplying funds so that Bibles may be purchased and the enormous need be attempted head on.

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