Bibles To Africa

UK and Ireland

Nigel Lucas, our representative, for UK and Ireland is located in DUNMURRY, BELFAST and is the founder of THE BARNABAS WAY and is very active in Gospel Fund raising. The Lord has tugged at Nigels heart and prompted him to devise a fund raising scheme in UK and Ireland to raise funds to buy Bibles for the African people.

Nigel can be contacted at this email address:

Here is a note from Nigel with some excellent ideas:

I aim to target some 500-1000 churches to support in a small way, with the initial project being “Pennies for Africa”. This will build up an infrastructure, for future ideas, and also give credibility, and identity, to an otherwise unheard of project in this part of the world. So Please Pray, for my wisdom in putting this together.

I hope to set-up a representative within each local church that support us, as a co-ordinator, inviting them to Prayer partner with us, regularly updating them with what is happening on the ground with Bro Des in South Africa. So I will rely heavily on his testimonies/photos/videos etc from the field of operations.

The intention is to get a minimum of 1000 little cardboard personal collection boxes distributed to individuals, who will recycle their loose change, small coins, into the box, hence “Pennies for Africa”, our promotion is that £ 5 or 500 pennies will put a Bible into the hands of someone who desperately needs it , or wants it, and in a native language! Again, the design of these printed cardboard boxes is nearly complete and we should be good to go.

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