Bibles To Africa


Bible to Africa is looking to expand its partner network to every country in the world.
Besides the USA office, we have agents in UK and Ireland, South Africa and India. These agents can be contacted via email and you can discuss any aspect of the project with them. Also for those subscribing to the PASSPORT TO HEAVEN page, the agents are available to answer questions in your own language and help you with on your new walk with God.

We are looking for agents to join us from the following countries.

If you feel led to become an agent, there is no cost involved.
All we ask for is you to make yourselves available to be contacted
about either the Bibles to Africa project or helping new babes in Christ.
Here are the countries where we wish to establish a footprint:

All South American Countries and Mexico
All European countries especially Holland, France, Spain and Germany
Asia and South East Asian countries, especially China.
Australia and New Zealand
Arab Countries, especially Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar

All we need from you as an agent for Bibles to Africa is a picture of yourself,
and details about where you are located, City or street address at your option and your email address. We know that in some countries it is not safe to publish your address as a Christian so we understand. In that case only the City name will do with an email address. Then sit back and allow God to work through you.

Contact Maurice Visser at the Atlanta USA office to join

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