Bibles To Africa


The Bibles for Africa Project

In the photo above, Pastor Valley Vilane of Manzini Swaziland in blue checkered shirt is seen receiving free bibles.

In this photo, Brother John and Sister Johanna Ray from the USA watch Pastor and Sister Vilane, as well as Pastor Enock Dikoza, also of Manzini Swaziland, receive free English bibles.

Here, Pastor Jose Tsame of the town Mafuinane Mozambique is receiving free Tsonga and Shangaan bibles for believers in the District of Namaacha, Mozambique.

In this picture, some Mafuinane believers show their new bibles with great joy.

In this photo, Elder Chirindza of Maputo Mozambique, examines one of the new Tsonga bibles.

Above, a local Pastor in collar and tie, looks on as a bible is handed out at a local Maputo distribution point. Bibles in Portuguese, English, Zulu and Tsonga languages were given to local believers.

In this picture and the one below, a local Brother and Sister receive free bibles in their local tongue, Portuguese.
The handing over was conducted on behalf of the South African and International donors .

In this photo, a local deacon from the neighboring town of Chockwe, Southern Mozambique, receives an allocation of free bibles in the Shangaan and Portuguese languages.

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